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AANDAG! AANDAG! Alle Bakkie-eienaars

Bakkie-eienaars verkies steeds om hulle traliewerk by Mr Bullbar te laat installeer vir gemoedsrus. Die metode wat ons gebruik versterk die huidige bakwerk.

Hegting word binne-in bak gedoen met geen boorwerk op bokant van bakke nie, m.a.w alle gewig en wrywing word na binne verplaas.

Ons is na sewentien jaar steeds die markleier in bakkietralies, jagrame en "canvas canopies" op enige fabrikaat bakkie.

Ons loop die ekstra myl, lewer landswyd af en bied 'n onvoorwaardelike waarborg.


Our return clients still prefer to have their LDV accessories installed by Mr Bullbar for peace of mind. Our improved installation methods ensure the correct installation of any accessories whether it be a rig purchased from the dealer or our own quality built accessory prolonging the life and maintaining the strength integrity of your LDV's structure.

Enforcement is focused on inside of the loading bin of your LDV with NO mounting points at the top of your loading bin correctly distributing weight evenly to minimize friction and wear and tear.

Seventeen years later, we are still the market leaders in manufacturing LDV Cages, Hunting Rigs and Canvas Canopies for any production LDV on the market.

We go the extra mile for you, deliver nationwide and still offer you an unconditional warranty.


Welcome to the homepage of "Mr-Bullbar". We have a range of products on our products page. All our products are designed, manufactured and installed locally in our factory. We manufacture to your needs and specifications. We are the only manufacturers in the Free State that offer full customisation to our pre-manufactured products as well as our designer range. We pride ourselves in delivering only the best quality product with the outstanding workmanship and delivering with good after sales service.

We specialise in manufacturing:

  • "Bull-bars"
  • "Hunting-Rigs"
  • "Game Viewing Rigs"
  • "Replacement-Bumpers"
  • Side sills
  • Canvas Canopies
  • LDV Cages
  • Roll Cages

Each one of these products are custom fitted to your vehicle. Speak to us for great prices on only the very best quality products for your vehicle.